About Me

Another chance to talk about me. This should be fun (at least for me).

Well, professionally I am best known as a medical marketing wizard (obscure reference to Gandalf the Grey in Lord of the Rings).

I have consulted for over 1,500 health care clients, write all the time and have spoken at hundreds of venues to tens of thousands of doctors and other healthcare professionals. I also am a partner in a medical marketing agency, HealthcareSuccess.com.

However, I have lots of related passions. Internet marketing happens to be one of my favorite areas of expertise. I also am at heart a direct marketer – my criteria for good marketing is, “Does it sell anything?”

I am a creative person and a salesperson bundled into one high energy, big picture and not-too-detailed individual.

Prior to healthcare and Internet marketing I used to work with a variety of ad agencies (including J Walter Thompson) and Fortune 500 companies. I received my MBA from San Diego State and my BS from Ohio State.

Personally, I have a fantastic family and play lead guitar.

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